Monday, February 22, 2016

Finger Paints: New Shades Including Neons!

Finger Paints has some new colors out, including some neons and a great top coat for them! Individual swatches below, they're all available now at Sally's Beauty!

The mural of the story 
Gorgeous, dusty teal green applied in two coats with buttery perfection
To the plinth degree
So bright, so frustrating, Neon hi-lighter yellow that did not self level and dragged no matter how thin my coats were.
Neon Base Coat
A thick opaque white, pointer and middle shown with two coats, a little uneven and streaky, ring and pink with one coat aren't bad but, if you're wearing a sheer color, (like to the plinth degree), it's going to show underneath... 
Top coat for Neons: Super clear, it's a shiny protective layer that really glosses up the matte/rubberized finish that neons are known for. It dried fairly quick, but is thin in comparison to any quick dry top coat.
 Clay on WordsOne of my favorites! It's neon, a touch of green shimmer, and applies so smoothly. If you use the neon white base coat, (I recommend to make this color pop), make sure you get all the way to the cuticle, or you'll have a little bit of your undies showing!
I th-ink therefore I am
A collection staple cream pink. It leans towards coral, but is bright and cheery!
umber-ellaSparkly, antiqued gold with iridescent blue and and green glitter flash. This was tricky to apply, it was thick and even with thin coats managed to be patchy. Go really really slow when applying. Happily because of the thick base it dries smooth, not textured at all.
 A-cry-lic a girl Can we talk about the name for just a second.. really? That said, or unsaid, this pink is gorgeous. Smooth, easy to apply, and has the most beautiful shimmer that makes it unique. But that name....
So hard to capture the captivating shift and glow in this one. Its dark and silver, a moody gray... but then bam it's mysterious and purple leaning. Smooth application, two coats and it was stunning. 
Off to Collage (Over Miro Miro on the wall)
This is a unique glitter, its satin blue and purple glitters generously dispersed in a gold/green shift glitter. Amazing. Pointer and middle have two coats, ring and pinky have one coat
I am so enameled by you (over A-cry-lic a girl) Fun and fancy, this glitter topper is an insta favorite. You can't see it, but the holo sparkle is gorgeous. It's a rose gold holo stunner, with a serious blue lean. 
Dye-ing to KnowMy hands down favorite. It's red, it's neon, and it's amazing. It is simply two slick coats of opaque perfection.

*press sample*

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