Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another great color to stamp!

Color Club Ms. Socialte and BM plate in CG Adore
First off, pardon the lack of ease with my hand modeling... I think it's quite awkward and I hope to get comfortable with it.  That aside I got Color Club's Ms. Socialite in the mail today and I was like "hhmm.. can I wear this color with my skin tone?".... It's a very pretty reddish purple.  I ended up stamping over it with China Glaze Adore (check out that awesome transfer!!!) and topping with SH super shine.  I was super impressed with the creme coverage of the CC, nothing like the neon colors- it was totally opaque in 2 coats, could have been 1 if you're generous.  I read on a blog a list of polishes that are great to stamp with... I'll post the link and list at some point as I've already had requests :)
So what do you think of this mani? Would you wear it?

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