Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st and 2nd goes at Gargantuan Green Grape

OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape is a toughy to photograph especially when there is filtered sunlight today.  So, I love this mani but got frustrated with the coverage.  GGG is kind of sheer and this was 4 coats but the color is awesomely bright but not obnoxiously neon, it's soft.  I was told my bald spots were from not waiting for the last coat to dry before I put another one on. I want to redo this mani with OPI Alpine snow underneath and see how it covers. Also, my stamping job was not the best so that will HAVE to be better next time because it couldn't get much worse.  This is the mani after two days of wear which included cleaning without wearing gloves so there's a bit of tip wear, but that's expected.  I stamped with Sally Hansen Black Out, which is my go to polish for stamping black.  Let's see how this one comes out in round two... Two coats of Alpine snow (really only needed one but I wanted to make sure) and two coats of Gargantuan Green Grape!
Round two is MUCH better with a base coat of OPI Alpine snow, check it out..

Much better!! Great tip about using Alpine Snow underneath  (and make sure my nails were dry between coats to avoid balding) from Ask Cathy! She's absolutely brilliant with anything beauty- check her out :)


  1. I like this GGG very much. Too bad, it needs 4 coats. You did a great stamping. :)

  2. Very cute Stamping. I am a sucker for green nail polishes. And you have been added to my blog roll

  3. @polishedcomponents I'm a sucker for the light minty greens.. the darker ones and the neons remind me too much of the 80s!lol thanks for th BR add too:o)


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