Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chic Simplicity

indoor natural light- was rainy out :(
I did this mani on my sister in law and I think it turned out cute! The base color is China Glaze "Adore" and I stamped it with black Konad special polish then topped it with a jewel sticker the topped with SV. I used Konad plate M21 from the Kit B that OC Nail Art sent to me for review.  This mani looks like it's professional and complicated but it was really simple and the jewel sticker adds that extra salon-looking touch! As said before, Adore applied awesomely and in *1* coat, but I added two. I may actually do this
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mani for me one day :)

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  1. Nice! I have a couple sheets of nail decals, but I never do anything with them! This inspires me to try today. :)
    Add swag? You've got my vote! heheh

  2. Ahh all these stamping manis are making me jealous! Very pretty. :)

    As for adding a swag...why not ^^

  3. thanks for the comments ladies! as for swag.. one more follower and I'll add to the giveaway.. re stickers: I have a few sheets and feel like I should be using them more :) Olivia- stamping is an addiction for me .. plain nails look boring now lol


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