Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy- enriched nail polish

 A bit about Dr.'s Remedy's from their  site :

Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel are well-respected board certified podiatrists who care about the products their patients use. Both doctors have spent years of study and training. Although, skilled surgeons, they realize a top reason patients come into their office is because of brittle, discolored nails, often times associated with the harsh chemicals in commercial nail polish.
Together, they created a line of nail polish to combat this epidemic.
Safe, stylish, and also...ENRICHED.
Dr.'s REMEDY® is the most unique nail polish on the market, created by two doctors who truly care. Once you experience the high quality of this enriched polish, you'll be happy you switched to a healthier alternative.
 That being said.. unique and innovative right? well, check this out...

Dr.'s Remedy enriched nail polish applies like buttah! You can easily get opaque coverage in one coat.. one coat! These are 3 of their 4 polishes from their winter collection- L to R: Revive, Desire, Healing.  First up: Desire...
Desire is a rich true dark brown.. think tempered chocolate.  I did two coats to make it super rich but if you have a steady hand, it will be opaque in one.  By the way, there is no top coat on any of these because they are already nice and shiny.

 I changed the angle in the light box a bit to show you a less reflective view.  I really like this color with my skin tone :)

Next up is Healing, a creamy heather gray. Look at this color.. it even looks creamy! It's very high pigmented and still soft.  Again, no top coat; that shine is all natural.  I also wanted to show you guys how it looked on my skin tone so I did anther view. I would wear this as a nude but I also consider bright blue an everyday color  LOL

Last up is Revive: a rich sparkling ruby red.  Dr.'s Remedy's PR flyer says it was inspired by Dorothy's ruby slippers.  I think it's better than that :)  The color is shimmery and not an orange based red.  It reads as a true red.

You can check out the rest of their amazing colors Here

(look at Blissful Bronze and Passion Purple! *drool*)

*product provided for review, see my disclosure for more info*


  1. I love Revive. I have it. It's so pretty.

  2. I have this 3, i loved the formula and it didn't stink like most of the nail polish do.

  3. I want to try these so BAD. They're a little too expensive for me but I really want to do some swatches of my own(polish always looks different on my nails?!)

  4. Revive is on my toes right now :) and yes, they don't stink which is a huge plus!
    @antoszewskia these are a bit pricey but check out my post from yesterday on Lex Cosmetics, they're less expensive and have great formula too

  5. Ooohh I love Revive!!! Very pretty!

  6. I'm craving a chocolate brown... Needa check it out!


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