Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoya's Intimate Collection Part 2

 Part 2 of The Intimate Collection is Dannii and Gemma (I posted a quickie of Jules in a different post.. I had put WNW Party of five glitters over it).  So I was away the week of St. Patrick's day and had to wait until I came home to swatch this collection. I was a little greened out from St. Patty's Day manis but still enjoyed Gemma.  It's an olive green with more of a yellow under tone and it shimmers with pink hues.  Gotta say, I like this green alot!
It was easy to apply two coats and top off with Color Club 0-60 (have you tried this top coat, it's really awesome).

 I have a hard time not playing with my Konad plates :) This one was stamped in white special polish from M15 and didn't top coat it because it was coming right off to do the next swatch lol
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This beaute is called "Dannii".  It's so pretty! As you know, I'm a sucker for purples but this one has gold shimmers in it.  Amazing in light! I photographed this in my light box and tried to capture the reflectivey goodness.. it did OK, but just know, this is 2 coats of beautiful.  It almost looks like the texture of a suede polish but shiny, not grainy.  Great multi-dimensional color.

Also, there's been such a great response to my giveaway, I'm adding more swag if followers reach 120 by saturday :)
 because well, why not!


  1. I'm wearing Dannii today, what a beaute!:)

  2. There are a few I want from this collection, but I am waiting to see if zoya does the recycle program again!


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