Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hawaii 5-0: Aloha... for now :)

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Well, Aloha for now Hawaii, as I will be back soon... For the flight home, I wanted something soothing to me (seriously hate flying because I get so bored).. my go to color, purple helps though.  This is OPI The Color to Watch, 4 coats (ya, it's sheer but builds nicely), stamped from Konad M29 in black and white Special polish (both from the kit OC Nail Art sent me.  If you notice the image on my index finger (sorry it's upside down, that's how I'm rolling today) I took just the flower from that and did my little finger.  I totally like this mani, we'll see if it gets any responses from the airport staff :)

My thumb is so wide that I thought I'd stamp a pineapple and a hibiscus again.  I absolutely love orchids and the vibrant hibiscus in Hawaii.  My hubbo and I got married on Oahu and my bouquet was purple and white orchids :) I love the leis too, I tend to get purple ones when we go ;) That was the inspiration for this mani, my bouquet from a few years ago.  That still makes me all smiles and giggles :)

I smudged the black polish on my other thumb but the rest of it was pretty darn great.  Once you get the hand of the special polishes, they seem like they may be worth it.

 Again, a big thanks to OC Nail Art for the great kit!


  1. Ah, soothing color. That lei is really pretty!

  2. This is so pretty! Hope you had a great time.


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