Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to the Sock Hop!

outside in light

outside in sun light

Pink and black remind me of a sock hop dance, poodles and pony tails.  The pink in this mani is Sinful Colors Oasis and the black is Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.  On the black I stamped with Sally Hansen's Celeb City.  The pink is a frost soft but bright pink and applied wonderfully! I did two coats of each color... Secret Admirer was fully opaque in one coat though!  The black has little silver micro glitters in it and when I stamped with Celeb City over it, amazing things happened!

 This was the first time I use this stamp (m45) and I like it alot!  I'm not a huge fan of accent nails so I don't have much experience with them... as you may have noticed, this one is way dominant! I like each look separately thought and would do them solo again but not together. This is kinda punk rock but with the pink it just reminds me of a sock hop :) What do you think... sock hop or punk rock?

inside natural light


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