Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hawaii- The real teal

Aloha monkeys! I'm in Hawaii this week visiting family and thought I would blog from here doing a Hawaii Week theme! OC Nail Art was generous enough to send me a Konad Kit (kit B, will chat about that later) and included Konad plate M29 which is all Hawaii themed! I haven't used the special polishes before so it was a bit of a shock how awesome they transfer.  I laid down 3 coats of Sally Hansen Teal or no Teal and stamped with Konad Black SP.  The butterfly is a bonus sneak peek from M15, which came with Kit B.
The Real Teal is so pretty! It has a shimmer to it and goes on creamy but I used 3 coats to even out streaks.  I topped with Sally Hansen Super Shine. The Konad special polishes may streak with clear polishes that aren't from Konad but I was pretty successful by being generous with the amount and using light pressured.I was inspired by the view from our hotel room. I love Hawaii, we have family here and come often but it never gets old :)

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