Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hawaii 2- Flowers!

Aloha monkeys! Continuing on with Konad plate  M29 from OC Nail Art, I must say, I kinda like this mani.. I didn't at first because the Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen was hard not to mess up.  It's a great formula though, creamy and opaque in 2 coats but because of the skinny brush which I suck at using, I did 3 coats to even it out.

The orange is Wet N Wild's Sunny Side.  I stamped with Konad SP in Red and Black, on my little finger I snuck in SH Celeb City to see how it looked.  I tried to stamp the Mellow Yellow over the Sunny Side and vice versa, but it didn't show that well.  I really dig the red and black on these two colors though.   Sunny side has a nicer brush in my opinion and covered in 2 coats nicely.

I do photography as a hobby and thought I'd share this photo with you from my last trip (Nov 2010) to Hawaii.  Have you ever seen the sunsets off of Waikiki? :) *swoon*

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  1. How fun and pretty!! I hope you are having an awesome time!

  2. Thanks ladies--means a ton to me coming from you two :) I love Hawaii, hard not to get inspired by it!

  3. Those flowers are really pretty, like frangipanis or something =]


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