Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shattered Joy

The base coat for this mani was China Glaze's "Joy" with a coat of OPI Shatter on top. I left the shatter matte because I really like the look and the contrast.  Joy is amazing!! It covers in *1* coat.. yes, 1 coat.. it's from the Romantique collection .... previously I stamped with  this polish in here. It's a purple/pink/mauvey metal looking polish that is mondo pigmented! It applies with no problem and I did not have any streaking issues with it.
I realized I haven't used my OPI Black Shatter in a while.. I guess I kind of got tired of seeing it all over the blogosphere when it came out. but now I'm ready for some black shatter again :)
My hand double for this was my sister in law :)

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