Saturday, March 5, 2011

Which was First?

Ok, so these were so awesome that they were hard to photograph outside- major glare! So I took the party inside and took pictures.  These two colors are China Glaze from the Romantique collection.  I have to say, I want to get more from these because these babies are amazing alone and ideal for stamping! So here is what I did..
Index and ring fingers: bottom coat was the blue/gray color- Adore and stamping was in purple hue- Joy
Middle and little fingers: bottom coast was the purple hue- Joy and stamping was in blue gray- Adore

After I did this, I honestly had to stop and take a double look at this mani... I had forgotten which color I laid down first on each finger! Normally I have no problem knowing which color I stamped with but... these are so pigmented and the design is so geometric it puzzled me for a few minutes! I always get compliments when I wear this pattern so I thought I'd bring it back but with a metallic.  The last picture is when I matted it out with Essie's Matte about you.  Even matted it still shines like crazy! Really cool!

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