Friday, March 25, 2011

Tronica: Ultra Violet

I've been contemplating the China Glaze Tronica collection for a while because I have alot of purples and I love holos but it was getting mixed reviews.

So I went in and looked at the colors again and grabbed Virtual Violet.. yes another purple.  :)  Hey! It looked like it needed a home!

The holo is much better in person but check it out in the pictures, it's still awesome.  The finish is smooth and it was opaque in two coats with no problem. 
At one angle it looks like a suede finish but shiny.. then you see the holos... click on the pictures, take a closer look.. It's ok, it won't bite :) 

I feel like I haven't done much stamping lately so I decided to try out a new one from plate M64 and I added a little holo sticker to it. My stamping job was kind of crooked but i think it was a nice accent to the polish. It's almost like it wrapped it up as a present for your eyes to oogle over!

I topped off with China Glaze Fast Forward and it did not smudge the Konad white special polish :)

OC Nail Art  still has a coupon code for my readers,  if you'd like to get into Konad stuff :)


  1. I have & love Ultra Violet! pretty

  2. Ahh love how you combined it with the stamping. + the polish is divine! Wish they sold Tronica over here :(


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