Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Club: Alter Ego Undercover part 1

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Preface: pardon my cuticles, I spent a week in Colorado helping friends move and in the process my cuticles hated me :)

 This is the first half of the Color Club Alter Ego Under Cover collection.  Up first is Ulterior Motive- a really pretty raspberry frosty color.  It has a little shimmer to it as well and the color is so pretty! This was 3 coats and it built up nicely.

You can see at some angles there is a bit of VNL but you have to look really hard and my tips are really white.  I think I will keep this in my summer rotation for a pedi!
I didn't want to stamp over this color and take away from it's prettiness so I put I Juggle...Men over the top. IJM is from the new OPI Cirque De Femme collection and is an overcoat that has flashes of green/pink/blue/purple glitters.  I think I will have to try this over a darker creme color to see more of the effect.  It did however spice up Ulterior Motive a bit but only if you looked really hard.
Ok, moving right along...

Total Mystery- yum!  This is a true blue glitter full of fun.  This was 2 generous coats.  It has this shimmer/glitter/foil factor to it.  It really depends which way you look at it and in what light.  May be that's the mystery :)

You can see a little VNL but I think that's just the finish.. it's more prevalent in the picture than it was in person.  It could have been my light box lighting my nail from underneath :) Come to think of it, this would be a cool color to do a french manicure with, using it for the tips. (hhmm.. things to try later)

Next up is masquerading.. and look, I stamped it for you! Masquerading is like a frost but applies like a metallic.  I used two coats.  It has gray and blue hued undertones and finished like a metallic- you could see the streaking if you paid attention.

My camera made it look darker than it actually is. It kind of reminds me of an almost there gun metal color.  It's not bad, I like how it's unique in color/finish.  I used Konad white special polish on M21 and topped with Color Club 0-60.

Next post I'll have: alias and secret agent- my two favoirtes from this collection.

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