Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wiggle your Rumple

One of my favorite colors from OPI is Rumple's Wiggin'.  It's a creme purple that is super serene and happy to me.  A go to color when you don't want a bright, neon, nude, glitter, holo, chrome... it's just perfect.  I've worn this color solo a million times so I decided to try layering a flower stamp over it (BM06 ).  I used China Glaze's Adore, Joy and C-C-C-Courage... you can barely see courage, it's a wall flower for stamping.  I think this may have worked better if I would have picked a better design.  This one is too segmented alone to be OK layered over itself.  You can see on my little finger the design in Joy.  It looked wearable after but too unorganized for me.  I felt like it was a mess but to those who don't stamp or know much about nails, it seemed nothing less than rad.  As individuals, all these colors are wonderful but together I think they're too much.  Oh well, at least I got to enjoy Rumple's Wiggin'!


  1. This is an awesome color! I'm a sucker for these types of Purples and I love your stamping!


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