Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wowsa! I love purple polishes!

I'm a sucker for anything purple.. and monkeys.. or purple monkeys! OPI The Color to Watch stamped with Birthday Babe (coat of Essie's Matte about you inbetween).  Some say that the matte craze is over and it's "old news" but since I missed that craze, you'll see some matte posts from me :) I love that this polish has alot of dimensions to it and even matted, you can see the color shift.. /drools.  The heart stamp is probably one of my top 5 picks off the bundle monster plates because it's easy to spot and transfers well (plate 09). I'd do this mani again in a heart beat!
What are some of your favorite colors to wear? What would you like to see me do? ask and you shall receive!

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