Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Color Club: Starry Temptress Collection p.1

Thanks to a enabler follower from my blog, I hopped on over to Ross to pick up Color Club's Starry Temptress collection.  This collection is so weird, I have never seen anything like it. The formulas are wonky, they're like a creme jelly glitter.. if that makes any sense what so ever.  Let me try to explain.

Each color has silver and holographic glitter but it is hard to see because the base is pretty opaque.  They remind me of when I try to franken with glitter and the base is an opaque color.

The blue is called Other Worldly.  All the polishes dry semi matte as you can see in this first photo taken in my light box with no top coat.

Here's Other Worldly with the Color Club holo glitter top coat that comes with the collection. It's literally a clear base with silver glitter and holo glitter in it. I made sure that every time I took a picture with the top coat bottle, that's the color plus top coat in the picture.
This color is really pretty, it's Ultra Astra.

 It's a magenta neonesque color that also dries semi matte and has the funky glitter combo happening. I kind of feel like this collection is a glitter bomb jelly sandwich, or candy mani, in one bottle. For those of you who are not familiar with that term, it's when you sandwich a glitter polish between layers of a jelly polish to make the glitter look squishy.  Here is is with the top coat and close up so you can see the holo effect of the glitter.... look closely ;)

Here's before the top coat in the light box.. you can see it doesn't sine as much and just looks squishy.

This one is Space Case and it's much more neon and bubble gum pink. It has an ever so soft shimmer to it if you look real close. I wasn't getting a true color in my light box so I took advantage of the brief sun we had out.  The bottom picture is in my light box but I feel the outside picture is much more on point with the true color.  Also, the outside picture has the top coat on, the light box does not have the top coat.

I'm not sure what I think of this collection so far, I think it could be awesome if I just figure out how to work with it. The next post I do will have the remaining 3: wink wink twinkle, you got sol-ar, and glitter envy. I didn't want to overload you guys with pictures, especially when each polish has the top coat that goes over it!


  1. space case is a cute colour
    suits your nails well :D

  2. Awesome colors foth this collection!
    you picked my two favorite ones!

  3. They're both so sparkly and so pretty . I love them both !

  4. Oh man, Ross. Why do I not have Ross? It's very sad. Thank goodness for swapping!

  5. jealous! i think i'll check my ross tomorrow :)


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