Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Kind Hearted Blogger Pledge- Updated

(click to read about The Kind Blogger Campaign)

I felt like I wanted to re-post this with added information so more people/bloggers could see it.


  • create, inspire, and admire rather than compete with fellow bloggers
  • be understanding of each other-- in the blogging community, as well as in the world
  • stay away from internet/blogging bullying
  • speak my opinion freely, while still being mindful of other's feelings-- be tactful.
  • make an effort--no matter how big or small the gesture, to spread kindness or joy to others
  • acknowledge that I will make mistakes, (I am only human) but remember to learn from them
  • know that at times I will post about the negative stuff in life, and maybe even some complaining (I am only human) but I will always follow up with something happy/positive too.
  • believe that this world is a good place, filled with good people.

I came across this on Polished Components blog. It is really awesome and I can back this 100%.   I am a strong believer in bloggers, especially women, not tearing other bloggers/women down. Lift up and positively encourage your peers. I take the pledge, do you?


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