Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sally Hansen HD: Gigabyte

 Have you tried the Sally Hansen HD polishes? they're pretty awesome.  I have been curious about them for a logn time. This one is Gigabyte (did I mention that the tech nerd in me loves the names?).

I took pictures of this under my day light lamp and in the light box.  You can see how it is frosty under the day light lamp and warmer in the light box. This polish was a bit thin and sheer but built up great in 3 coats.

Let me tell you, the 3 coats is worth it.  It has this great gold frost to it and it still really soft and subtle.   It's one of those multi dimensional polishes that shows the nail line but then you turn your nail and it's completely opaque looking. Super pretty to look at.

   I've said this before; I love gold shimmer in polishes.  I think it adds a bit of 'fancy' to them :) .  I got this polish in addition to other goodies that Sally Hansen was kind enough to send... I'll be showing it all to you this week.  There may just even be something in there for my readers ;)

In the meantime, have you checked out the new items I added to the giveaway because you all rock? :)

*Item sent for review, see disclosure for more information*


  1. They're such pretty colours! A little on the watery side though... I have Digital and Hi-Def, the green has gold shimmer too!

  2. I love the HD polishes! I need more of them. THis is pretty on you


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