Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sally Hansen: Salon Effects

Hi everyone! Recently I got HD polishes and a bunch of Sally Hansen Salon Effects sent to me from Gabby from Sally Hansen's PR for review.  The HD polished will be throughout this week but today's post is of the Salon Effects.  So being someone who does nail stamping, I had never tried the salon effects strips.  I thought it would be helpful to say some of my preconceptions of them versus thoughts after I used them.

I thought they were similar to foils or decals that laid over the nail, but really they are ACTUAL nail polish that lays down/stretches/adheres to your nail.  It even smells like nail polish when you open the sealed pack they come in.  You can also take them right off with polish remover and in my opinion, the purple I did on my nails came off a lot easier than most regular polishes and definitely easier than glitter polishes. 

I did a YouTube video on how to apply them, and this was the first time I tried it, you can see it's not that hard.

 I did a designed one on my little cousin (her hands in this post, mine in the video). She's been wearing this mani for 4 days now and it's still on. One started to lift when she was in the shower but it adhered back down. I must say the designs are amazing and hide any imperfections you may have from application (wrinkles or scratches from laying them down).  As I put these on my little cousin, we talked about the product and I came to a conclusion that 1) it's super clever and innovative 2) they're not hard to apply after like the 3rd nail 3) there's 16 in a box so you can save the extras and do a skittles mani with them 4) I would honestly wear these if I needed a mani to stay for more than a a few days and did not want to fuss with stamping. Another tip: if you have a strip that's wider than your nail bed, you can line up one side of the strip with your nail bed and the other side you can just crease down.  Once you take off the tip of the strip, you can go over and over the crease between your nail bed and skin and the excess will easily peel off.

Because Gabby was so awesome to send many samples of Salon Effects, I'm going to do a giveaway with them. I've received a lot of comments regarding how much people like the nail art and different designs, so here's your chance to win some fun and easy nail art! But more on that later today. :)

*product sent by company for review, see disclosure for more information*


  1. I tried the Girl Flower design on vacation earlier this year and really liked these strips a lot.

  2. That's a great pattern, the black and white is striking!

  3. so cool that they sent extras for a giveaway! i am really eager to try these! they look great! :)


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