Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tickled Pink and White Cap

I've been trying new things out so here's a  pink for you... Wet N Wild's Tickled Pink.  It's a powdery Barbie pink that is really opaque and creamy in 2 coats.  I also picked this one up for water marbling at the Walgreens 69 cent sale.  Haven't tried it marbling yet so we'll see how it does.  I like the color though, it's mellow and springy while being super girly and soft.

I've had China Glaze White Cap for a while now and had not used it for a post (at least I don't think so).

But here it is anyways in my light box. You can click on the vertical picture to see more of the gold shimmer in the White Cap.  It's quite awesome the shimmer that it radiates. And, being a sucker for gold shimmer, I wondered why I had not used this earlier and put it over everything! I bet it would look great over a dark color! Note to self made.


  1. Very subtle, but still so pretty!
    I really like this combo!

  2. it looks so clean and cute!! i love it!

  3. it looks beautiful on you, such a delicate combo!

  4. thanks ladies! I don't mind the subtle pretty look every once in a while ;)

  5. This is so subtle but yet so pretty ! I love it.


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