Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Viva la Nails: Nail Tattoos

I got these nail tattoos from Viva La Nails along with some other nail decals that aren't water tattoos.  I want to do a YouTube tutorial on them soon because they are quite fun to play with.

How it works is you cut out which image you want, wet the back with a bit of water and the front will peel off. Gently peel the image off and you can put it onto your dry nail. I like the flowers and butterfly against China Glaze For Audrey. My accent finger reminds me of the ground, it's Hard Candy's Mushroom. 

The water decals, or tattoos are delicate but not too delicate, just handle them with care when you take it off of the sheet and you will be fine.  It's an easy way to have some fun nail art that's quick, easy and quite different from a normal sticker decal or sticker rhinestone.  Make sure to seal in your image with a top coat so it lasts longer as well. Stay tuned because the tutorial on how to apply these will come in the next week or 2 :)

These can be purchased at http://www.vivalanails.co.uk/ along with other great nail art items. Also, their shipping is fast which is a huge plus!

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