Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute: Summer 2011- Mediterranean Holiday

This is a new brand I came across.  It was new to me anyways. Le Metier de Beaute sent me not only their 4 summer polishes but also their "Penelope" Kaleidoscope eye kit for review.  :D.  Onto the polishes! This post is picture heavy...

The awesome part is that they're all named after Greek Gods  :)
This is their new Summer 2011 collection: Mediterranean Holiday, enjoy!

First up is Eris- Rich bronze shields from chaos and finishes the nail in an armor of finery. (from pr)
This color is beautiful, love the fact that there's a pretty bronze polish out there.  I did two coats and it dries really fast.  If you enlarge the picture, you can see the shimmer in the polish.  The
 formula on all these polishes are nothing short of dreamy. 

Now, meet Athena, my new favorite nude shimmer.  It's a neutral metallic that dries fast, covers in two coats and looks creamy on your nails! The pictures look kind of 'sandy' and in a way it is a cross between sandy and champagne, which makes a great shimmery nude :)

 Look at how the polish reflects the light, it's a great effect and while the color is subtle, the metallic adds a texture to it that makes you stare. I don't own a polish like this one so it makes me very very excited to have this to wear. 

Now, the show stopper of the bunch: Dionysis!
"Inspired by the God of rapture and bliss, of wine making and wine and of the grape harvest, this deep, turquoise blue brings pleasure to all who wear it, suggesting the rich, fertile earth from which the grape comes. (form pr)

This teal leans towards green and it is fabulously pigmented, as is the whole collection.  I did one coat... yes ONE! Also, this does not have a top coat over it and it's so glossy.

If you enlarge the picture you can see the incredible flecky shimmer that is in this rich color. I absolutely love this color.  It is amazing. I suggest enlarging the picture then drooling over it, it is THAT great!

Last up is Hera- The Goddess of women and marriage would find her match in this sea green hue. A strong, yet feminine shade with many facets. (from pr)

The PR description for this color is right now. This was also ONE coat! The sea green is not "dirty" or "murky" looking, but rather clean and fresh. 

I like that it's a cheery sea green, this concept is also a new one to my collection. Very  pleased with this.

So let's talk about the obvious thing about this polish (besides the amazing formula and hues)- it's size.  the bottles are small, and have been reduced from $15 to $10. This is my take on it, the bottle is 4ml, a bottle of polish the size of a Hard Candy bottle is about 10.4ml.  So, about 10ml of a LMDB polish would cost approximately $22-25. Now, I know there are some people who have spent more on one bottle of hard to find polish that didn't even have the pigmentation these polishes have.  So if you look at it like that, it's not too shabby for the quality you get.
The brand is also 3 free, proposition 65 compliant (list all the ingredients), fortified with strengthening proteins and hydrators and are long-wearing (claim up to 14 days). These can be purchased a fine retailers such as: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. For your closest location you can look here. This collection is available in May 2011.


  1. Wow, I love the bottles, they look like the polish is suspended in ice!

  2. This is so beautiful. I think I NEED Hera. NEED, I say!

  3. Beautiful post! Love these colours! Wish I could get my hands on these but I refuse to pay the extra $10 hazardes materials fee to have these shipped to Canada.

  4. Very pretty. Love the bottles too!

    I tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award
    Check it out on my blog at http://wackylaki.blogspot.com/2011/05/kreativ-blogger-award.html

    Anutka :)

  5. The teal is terrific. The bottles are unique.

  6. Loving the colours but I think the bottles are a waste of material, makes it look like theres barely anything even though they look good.


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