Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wet Cemet and Opal Glitter

So While I was out browsing the drug stores for the new Wet N Wild collections, I came across this Sinful Colors- Opal Glitter.  It's first of all a good suspension formula like that of their other iridescent glitters; it's almost gel like.  Since it is clear, I decided to layer it over Sally Hansen's Wet Cement.

I have wanted Wet Cement for a while and finally picked it up. If you are familiar with Zoya's Dove, Wet Cement is a darker gray and is more opaque. I did two coats but it covered really well in one. 

I put two coats of Opal Glitter over the top with SV as a top coat to see how it would smooth out. It smoothed fine and was not lumpy.  First picture is taken under my daylight lamp, the opal doesn't come out as well and looks sparse.

Here it is, below, in my light box where I can better control the glare and angles. You can see the glitter effect much better.  It's quite the pretty manicure, I have this on my toes right now and I love looking at it. I was excited to find Opal Glitter because I love Sinfuls squishy glitters. It's a simple but fun mani.


  1. i love wet cement too :D great mani and pedi

  2. Very nice combination! Interesting how the grey looks more blue or more taupe depending on the light.

  3. This is gorgeous. The color combo is perfect.

  4. Do you think Opal Glitter would look good on Skull and Glossbones, since it looks like Wet Cement only lighter.

  5. Hi JIm, I think it would look great over Skull and Glossbones. I don't have it but have seen it in person, otherwise I'd swatch it for you :D

  6. thanks everyone, it is a cool color and combo for a great price too!


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