Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoya: Crystal and matte

I really like Zoya Crystal.  It's a silvery blue with gold flecks in it. It can be a bit sheer but builds nicely and is a typical glitter to remove (may be a bit easier because I wouldn't qualify it as a "glitter bomb").

For this mani I chose to layer it; bottom coat is China Glaze's For Audrey. 

At first I just did one coat of For Audrey and two coats of Crystal. I almost think that Crystal is so shiny that it is hard to see the gold flecks because it's so reflective. I have no top coat on this picture taken in my light box.

When I was photographing it in the light box and was having a hard time, I got the idea to matte it and see how it changed.  It becomes more grey/silvery blue and the gold flecks are flat and really interesting to look at.

Here's a close up... it reminded me of gold leafing or a granite rock where you see veins of gold in it.  I liked this mani alot. It was quite simple to do and everything played a part: For Audrey added a light base for opacity, Crystal added great color and depth and the matte top coat (Essie's Matte About You) gave the mani more interest.  Also, I wore this for 3 days and it wore well even though it was matte, maybe it had something to do with the under coat?   I will definitely wear this manicure again.


  1. I love Crystal!
    This is a cool manicure.

  2. Really pretty mattefied. I am adding matte tc to everything at the moment!x


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