Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YouTube Water Marble

First: If my blog does not format properly when viewed, try changing your resolution or your browser. 

As I have mentioned before, I'm a HUGE soccer fan, also a big NHL fan too.  I had a soccer game to go to on Saturday for the San Jose Earthquakes and their colors are blue, black, white, so I water marbled. I attempted the Earthquakes colors once before Here and it turned out to be more like San Jose Sharks hockey colors... so here we go again: Wet N Wild Metallica, Zoya Crystal (wanted to see the gold flecks!) and China Glaze Liquid Leather.  I can't say I was too in love with this marble.  The colors were ok, nothing too exciting and the designs just didn't come out as hoped.  I was having major trouble getting the water at a proper room temperature because it was cold here and room temp was like 64 degrees. Needless to say it was frustrating. When I filmed the mani the next day for the YouTube tutorial, I decided to switch Crystal with China Glaze's Adore and Metallica with OPI Birthday Babe (watch the video for how it turned out).  There was no way Crystal was showing up on camera, but Adore did so that was good. The whole point was to have a nice water marbling tutorial for those of you who have been asking and let's just say this one is considered a short "get familiarized with water marbling" video :)

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  1. I saw your tutorial this morning, I love the color combination. That manicure came out so pretty.

  2. so awesome!!
    I love the colors!!
    i want the same on my nails!!

  3. Great post and great mani. Love the colours used.

  4. great colours, awesome combo :-D
    my water marble stinks :-(

  5. Your formatting looks fine to me!

  6. i love the colors, turned out awesome.


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