Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catherine Arley: #673 holo and stamping

I loved this mani so much!!! I used 2 coats of Catherine Arley #673. It's a linear holo that's purple and amazing to look at.  It's a bit more on the blue side of purple. The holo in it is gold, blues, green, copper... it really is great. The one thing I don't really like about Catherine Arley polishes are the brushes but that's being really picky and I can live with them for this result. 

So as you guys know from my holo posts before, I had a hard time stamping over it.. well I remedied that situation.  I stamped in another holo. I used my Mash plates and stamped a flower design using Color Club's Fashion Addict.  I wanted a holo that would blend into the holo effect but still be able to show the design.

Here's a close up shot in my light box. I tried to take pictues of this mani outside but I felt the holo wasn't showing well on camera and needed a controlled environment to shoot in. It is much easier to play around with lighting and shadows in the light box. 

I'm pretty sure that I will do this mani again :)


  1. I love the effect that you created with the two holos. Beautiful manicure!

  2. ooo how gorgeous!
    i'm surprised the stamping comes up even with all the shimmer - great mani :D

  3. That's awesome! I love how cute the little flowers are : ) Which plate is that from?

  4. it's mash plate m26, sorry I'm bad about putting the plate number down


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