Monday, June 13, 2011

Tutorial: Full Nail Water Decals

Hey everyone!
My cousin and I did another tutorial and this time it's Viva la Nails full nail water decals. Check it out! and don't forget to subscribe to Manicured Monkey on YouTube!

The decals work really well once you get the hang of applying them. I'm still wearing this mani on day three and it's pretty nice not having tip wear or chippage. If you're familiar with doing nail tattoos, or water decals this is exactly the same concept, just in a full nail design. The only gripe I have is that I wish the set came with 12 strips rather than 10 in case you mess up, you'd have a back up or 2. You can get these at Viva la Nails website and they retail for around $6 (2.95 UK pounds). These were sent for review because I'm part of their blogger program. I like these quite alot once I got the hang of applying them. I would suggest a base coat that is similar to the design you are using.

The cool thing about the zebras is that if you have a wide nail bed and have black painted as a base coat, you don't notice when the design does not go to the edge of your nail :D After my nails dried, I took the edge of a gritty file and worked around my cuticles to remove any of the decal that was up too far. It worked like a charm!
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  1. i love water decals, but i've never tried the ones for full nail :-(
    nice design, i like it :-D

  2. I have to try this!!
    I heard there's a way to put them just with top coat!

  3. This is gorgeous and easy way to do zebra . It'd save me a lot of work .


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