Thursday, June 2, 2011

Color Club: Fashion Addict- holo!

Recently the nail place I shop at started carrying Color Club, this makes me a very happy monkey!!

Meet Fashion Addict, a linear holographic polish that is stunning on the nail.  It's a very light purple base and in the shade/low light, you cannot see too much holo effect but in the light or sun watch out! This is from the Spring 2009 Catwalk Queen collection.

I took all these pictures in my light box because the ones I took outside in the light didn't seem to do the holo justice.  Another advantage of taking pictures in the light box is that I can control the light source and change angles eaily in order to show the different colors of holo.

I wore this as a full mani for a few days and never stopped being amazed with it.  I also put a top coat of SV over it and got some shrinkage but it did not dull the holo effect once it dried. 
In direct light from my light box it gets kind of drowned  out but you can see what the color looks like in the bright sun when there's almost too much sun to show the holo on camera. 
Quite stunning I must say, and it could easily be a one coater, which means it may stamp... I'll have to try that out :)


  1. I have never used color club, but this is very pretty.

  2. steph, you should try them, they're great and affordable! thanks ladies!!

  3. I have it!
    I love him ^^
    This is my fav brand!

  4. What a nice holo . I like the color a lot .

  5. this is such a nice color- i need something like this!

    I also have a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate going on right now at my blog if you're interested!


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