Friday, June 3, 2011

Color Club Starry Temptress p2

 Continuing on part 2 of the Starry Temptress collection:

Glitter Envy is a cross between a grassy green and a lime green neon. It has the glitter in it as well but it doesn't shimmer as much because of the thick creme/jelly formula. Pretty color though with the clear holographic glitter top coat.

I took all these pictures outside but had a really hard time capturing the holo in the glitter. It's not a huge holo effect but it's there and the top coat glitter is thick and goopy as well. 

 Here's You Got Soul-ar: a true orange neon.  It is much much more eye searing in person than in the pictures.  It would be a great summer color on toes! (note to self for future pedi). I actually liked this one on it's own without the top coat of holo glitter. May be for a pedi I would put a clear coat on top just to shine up the other wise dull semi matte finish this collection has.

Here it is with the holo top coat. I looked at these in my light box and felt that for the neon, the natural light gave it a more true tone, just got true brightness, but I'm sure you know what neons look like. :)

The last one from this collection is Wink, Wink, Twinkle and is a deep purple neon.  It is super hard to capture a purple neon, so this is the best I could do.. it's under a daylight lamp and then I took a picture in my light box.
(I swatched this one because we missed it when my sister in law was here! I actually couldn't find it :) I must have put it in a "safe place" lol but I found it after, that's why this post is days after part 1!)

Both of these have the holo top coat.

In concluding with this collection I have to say I think I like it.. the glitter is kind of weird but the formula is easy to work with, it dries relatively quick and the top holo glitter coat is pretty and the colors will look great for summer.


  1. The orange totally changed its look with the Holo top coat.

  2. ya the orange goes to like a tangerine because of the light I think. my fav is the blue and purple.. some things never change lol

  3. Not sure I like these. Makes me want to get the poptastic set and the glitter topcoat from this set.

    Btw, if you want to make the glitter stand out more, add clear. But of course then you sacrifice some opacity. Same principle when working with cremes.


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