Monday, June 6, 2011

Color Club: Snakeskin

In my quest to broaden my polish horizons and try new things, I picked up Color Club's Snakeskin.  It's unlike anything I own which rocks! It's an olive green with brown undertones and little flecks of gold throughout it.

It's also pretty opaque which is a plus as well. This was two coats with no top coat. You can see the base is kind of a foil/shimmer and then has those pretty gold flecks in it. It's really interesting to look at on the nail in natural light; these were taken in my light box.
I'm not sure this is a polish I would stamp over because I enjoy seeing the flecks come out and the shine. Check out the shine even with no top coat :) pretty! I plan on wearing this one as a full mani soon because it's quite interesting on the nail and I'm sure I can think of something fun to do with it.

Monkey News: If you really liked China Glaze's Wagon Trail, stay tuned, it may be in a giveaway soon :)
And... Have you checked out the awesome FAQ tab?


  1. I like this polish; I'm a sucker for the gold flecks in it that make it glisten. Creme polishes are nice, but I get tired of looking at them after a day or two.

  2. it would make a good guy polish too and for women it's kinda sultry


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