Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hits: Green Flakie

My recent swap with Thays from Tata, Nada Ver brought this beautiful flakie to my home.  It's from Hits and it is a green/blue/purple flakie in a green jelly base. The flakies lay completely flat, which is awesome.  I layered it over Wet N Wild Diving For Pearls from the Mermaid's Cove collection.

I want to layer this over a black or gray in hopes that the blue and purple will show on the nail like it does in the bottle.  It's such a great polish.  A little went a long way with these flakies.  So far I am in love with this brand and am sad that I cannot get more in the U.S. (this one is from Brazil). It looked beautiful on and squishy. I added silver glitter swipes over the corners from an Essence nail art polish.  I don't have much, if any, experience with the nail art striping polishes so I'll practice more, but this was fun to add.  Has anyone tried Hits before? I'm in love with this brand in a huge way!


  1. This color is so beautiful! You did a good job adding the stripes.

  2. That'll look just incredible over black. So pretty!

  3. I don't know this brand, but looks amazing!

  4. Hello my friend.
    Wow! Girl, how nice that you liked and did not to be sad when you want can swap again.

  5. Hits is really a great brand of polishes. Just recently, their two new collections also started to come with brushes like O.P.I., those flat brushes, easier to work with. First brazilian brand to use such type of brushes. :)
    Hits has become one of my favorites, and they are always releasing more beautiful color and collections. :) (Yes, I'm from Brazil, hi!And I also am a nail polish addict ;)


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