Saturday, June 25, 2011

OPI: Rumples Wiggin' vs. Color Club Secret Rendezvous

As I was looking at purples for my gradient mani, I noticed I had two dupes.. OPI Rumples Wiggin' and Color Club Rendezvous! This is kind of great news because I love my RW and got a back up of it because it was from the limited edition Shrek Collection.  I like using this color when water marbling but it takes so much polish, so now I can use the Color Club.

The colors are for the most part identical but application is not. Rumples Wiggin' took 2 coats to opacity whereas Color Club took 3. Meh, no big deal.

The only other difference I noticed in my lightbox was that RW is a bit more on the blue side and R is more pink but seriously you cannot tell in real life.  Ok, so here's the reveal:

Index/middle: OPI
Ring/little: Color Club

Can you see a difference at all? This is great news for the purple lovers out there that cannot find Rumples Wiggin' or want to use this shade for marbling :-D

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