Monday, June 20, 2011

Rimmel: Purple Rain and Silver shatter/crackle comparison

This really is a purpley wine colored polish, I swear. It sort of looks more red wine than purple in pictures. Meet Rimmel Purple Rain. This was 2 coats with their gnarly flat brush that barely fits into the narrow bottle neck.  I actually like their brushes and will do a post on brushes but for now, let me re-focus.

Purple rain is a great creme with nice pigment and it applies well, opaque in 2 easy coats, no flooding.  It dries almost like a semi matte polish does, it's not overly glossy.  You can see from the close up that it looks squishy or almost like vinyl. 

The light from my light box looks diffused on the nail with no top coat.  It's a finish I really like with this polish color.  I wanted to do something different with this polish so I jazzed it up a bit by adding crackle and comparing it to shatter.

I thought it would only be fair to give my OPI Silver Shatter another try because we got off on the wrong foot last time.  So here it is compared with La Rosa Crackle (ring and little finger).  You can see that OPI  is much more glitter/foil than the La Rosa which is more shimmery. I like the effect of the OPI but I almost think all the foil in it takes away from whatever polish may be able to peek through the little shattered lines.  It is also chunky and thicker than any of the La Rosa crackles, which apply like a normal flat coat of lacquer.  I think that each is good for its own look and I actually do not have a preference because they are so different, but I do like an effect that lays flat on the nail without many thick coats of SV on top. I'm warming up to Silver Shatter so may be we'll be friends one day but for now, it's baby steps.

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  1. i prefer la rosa crackle, the ones on ring and little finger, they look much better because the contrast is stronger :-D

  2. UGGG Walgreens had this polish on clearance the other day, now I'm regreting not buying it! Looks great

  3. I still like the OPI one best. It's so interesting!

  4. I like to only put silver crackle on part of my nails. This way, the original colour and the crackle will both get some time in the limelight!

  5. I think they both have their place. Depends on the color underneath.


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