Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Winner Follow up

 I got another follow up email with pictures from one of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects winners of my last giveaway.  If you're trying these out, be sure to check out my how to on YouTube.  Thanks again for the follow up (my readers rock!)
Here's Camille's picture and what she had to say:

I'm really impressed!
At frist I wasn't sure about how it would look like, and the interest, as for a simple design like this one,
it takes as long as putting on a polish.
But it was really easy to apply (I can't say the same for my directory hand, shame on me!)
Really pleasant to put on.
It lets appear all the ridges on the nail! Forgives nothing!
It's so bright finally, I looooove it!
Too bad I put some too much down over my cuticles )=
In one word then, I love it!
A really great discovery!!
Thank you!!


  1. This color is veru bright . I like it a lot tho .

  2. That is such a pretty color! For the price though, I'd still rather just paint my nails! My wallet hurts enough as it is :)

  3. Every time I see one of these they look just OK because of the weird line/crease at the bottom of each nail. It would bug me I think haha.

  4. I've seen a couple of blogs on these and there always seems to be issues. Ive seen creases and ragged edges at the end of the nail. Can you even use them on short nails? How would you trim them? Maybe the ones that have a design would be worth it. For a solid color, I would just paint them! They were almost $9 at Walmart.

  5. Thank you for posting it!
    So bad all my nails were broken when I tested it )=
    And thank you again, I love them!

  6. so I have tips and tricks on my youtube channel. I think they are worth it for those who don't know how to do nail art or if you want a mani to last over a long weekend etc. If you don't do art, they're awesome because you can get different finishes and designs you can't get with polish, very intricate. I used them on my niece in this post...


    and she has short nails, they're cute no matter how long/short your nails are, in my opinion :D

  7. I asked about the short nails because of the way you trim them with the file; it seemed like it would be harder.

  8. ahh, no it's actually easier! I found that with an orange stick the more you creased it, the easier the tab broke away... that and some body heat helps so it's more pliable. you just stretch it a bit and adhere it.. you could always trim it too if you need to but I think short nails were easier

  9. oooo i like it
    i've heard really good reviews on this sally hansen product - good to see it's still up there! :)


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