Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Color Club: Electro Candy Skittles

My sister in law was awesome enough to let me swatch the heck out of her hands this past weekend!
Here's a Color Club Retro Candy skittle mani.  There's 6 colors in the collection so I added an "accent" green french tip to the ring finger.

 This collection came out in summer of 2009.
They're all shimmery fun neons!

thumb- electro candy - super bright neon pink with teal shimmer
index-pure energy - powdery bright teal with hint of green shimmer
middle- ultra violet - medium purple neon with a blue/green shimmer to it 
ring-tangerine scream/what a shock! - TS has a light silver shimmer to it and WAS has a very faint blue shimmer
little- volt of light - eye searing yellow that leans towards green side with green shimmer.  This one reminds me of a highlighter marker!

We took pictures outside in partial sunlight but as usual, they're neons and hard to capture the eye searing brightness! This would be a great mani for summer except here in Nor Cal, the sun has been hiding!


  1. I love these skittles!!
    Especially your ring!

  2. The pointer finger is my favorite . Love this mani !

  3. What a fun looking mani, I also like the accent on the ring finger.

  4. I love it! That accent nail is so cute.


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