Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blue and Purple With Striping Tape Art

This post is kind of a hodge podge of polish.  I wanted to do nail striping skittles but I also wanted to use some blue and purple polishes... and clearly was too lazy to do a separate mani for each color so.... the striping tape skittle mani was born.

The base color of this circus is BYS Yabba Dabba Blue, now let me take you on a tour through each finger:

Index- China Glaze Blue Hawaiian (color that I'm holding in my hand). Blue Hawaiian is a sheer light blue jelly that has round small holographic glitter in it and it is a great top coat! I'll be using this one to do a full post soon.

Middle- I taped off a design, in this case 3 lines, using nail striping tape and then painted over it with Wet N Wild Stream of Wonder which is a silver shimmery medium blue.

Ring- I used nail striping tape and taped off my nail in a plaid pattern and used Wet N Wild Disturbia over it.  Disturbia is a deep purple with lots of shimmer to it, it really demands attention and was a good contrast between Stream of Wonder and Grape Juice.

Little- Taped off my pinky with nanil striping tape and painted over it with China Glaze's Grape Juice which is a really pretty purple that leans towards being a foil but looks like it has micro glitter in it. This polish is super fun and I plan on doing a full mani with it soon.

For a chance to win striping tape and do your own fun mani, check out my giveaway.

There's also a YouTube I did on how to use the striping tape.


  1. This looks awesome. I always fail miserably when I try this. Maybe I need to get the legitimate tape though :p

  2. nice art work! it's good that you can create such a pretty design by doing less than it seems :D

  3. So cool!
    I love it!
    Especially the little finger!

  4. Emily, I can't do this with real tape, it's always too sticky no matter what I do to "de-stick" it.. the striping tape seems to work excellent and I've never had it lift my polish or top coat.

  5. I love all these colors, but have none of them. Boo :(

  6. this is a great example of striping tape, it really inspires me and i love the colors!


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