Thursday, July 7, 2011

Comparison: Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe and Kleancolors Blue Eyed Girl

 So if you keep up on the nail blogs, I am sure you have seen the brand Kleancolors, and of course many know of Deborah Lippmann.  Well I have a comparison for you.  I was at my friend's house playing with her polishes and I put on Kleancolors Blue Eyed Girl (after about a few minutes of looking at it n the bottle, I ordered it LOL).  This was my first encounter with Kleancolors. I never looked into the brand because all the swatches I saw on blogs were their holos, and to be honest, I have all the holos I want at the moment; but I didn't know they had delicious jelly chunky glitters!  So this is a close dupe or better, a substitute, for Deobrah Lippman's Across the Universe.

This blue jelly has large hexagonal glitter in teal and blue with small round blue glitter.  I did an approximate of 2 coats. I say approximate because putting on chunky glitter is not exactly an easy process and I end up adding glitter in spots that are sparse. I did not use a base color before applying, just a clear base coat to protect my nail from staining. Which, by the way, it did not.  The great thing about this polish is that the glitter looks suspended in water! it's so jelly and blue, I love it! The sun reflection on the big glitter through the jelly is massively blingy!  There's not a bad thing about this, except the patience required to take off a big glitter polish, but that comes with the territory.  
A friend, Jennifer, was kind enough to let me use her pictures of Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe as comparison to Blue Eyed Girl.  She has a base coat of China Glaze's Frost Bite, which is a bright blue shimmer polish.  You can still see the formula is a great jelly and has similar glitter shape and color.  The only differences I can see is that the blue jelly is darker in Across the Universe, more of a navy rather than a true blue.  It also may have more of a green hue to the teal hex glitter.  I can't compare formulas because I don't actually own the Deborah Lippmann polish but I think if you layer the Kleancolor over a black or deep navy base, it is a nice and cheaper substitute for Across the Universe.  


  1. Excellent! I prefer this to the icing look-alike.

  2. I wish I could get Kleancolors in Canada :(

  3. I've had Blue Eyed Girl for a few weeks and I just put it on tonight for the first time! I used 2 coats of Revlon - Royal and 1 coat of Blue Eyed Girl .. soooooo pretty! I think it's more similar to Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues than Across the Universe though. But, I don't own either so I'm just going by the swatches I've seen. Either way .. GOOOORGEOUS!! Thanks for the comparison! :)

  4. I'd like to take back my previous comment .. LOL! After I posted it, I decided to look for more swatches of the 3. And you're right, Blue Eyed Girl looks *alot* more like Across the Universe. I didn't realize that Lady Sings the Blues has *only* silver glitters. :)


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