Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cutex: Polish Remover Review

Recently I have been using Cutex polish remover in preparation for a review.  I have two removers from the Quick and Gentle line:  Nourishing and Regular Protein enriched. Both of these are acetone based removers.
Regular is protein enriched so it doesn't dry out your nails and Nourishing has vitamin E in it to aid in the health of your nails.  Normally I use straight acetone to take off polish because it's quick and I paint my nails so much. To deal with the damage it does to my skin, I just use cuticle oil or cuticle butter.  I took a picture to show how the acetone dries out my cuticles (index finger), and on the other three fingers I used Cutex Nourishing to remove my mani.

I'm quite impressed.  They have updated their technology/formula over time and have been around forever so they're credible on their own.
If you have been a polish junkie for as long as I have, you are well aware of Cutex, but here is some interesting information about them:

They have polish remover pads, remover that comes in a pump so there is no spilling, remover in a jar, where you can dip your finger right in for polish removal.  Their website has great care tips as well for mani and pedi, along with some fun nail facts.  I haven't tried these, but Cutex also has nail treatments!
The company is also on twitter @CutexNails and have been featured in Allure, O, In Style, Lucky, Parenting and Fitness magazines. Cutex products are widely available at drugstores, mass merchandisers, and super markets.


  1. There used to be a Cutex that smells really good, do they still smell?

  2. they smell less than acetone for sure and not as strong as most id say


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