Friday, July 22, 2011

Glitter Gal: Fuchsia Holo

 I have a new brand for my blog today for you to stare at.  It's Glitter Gal, an Australian brand polish known for their amazing holographic polishes. They come from a great place in business and friendship. Here is some info from their site about them:  

Anna and Kerry have been close friends and worked together for many years.  We always shared a passion of makeup and had the inspiration of creating a cosmetic business together that would be “trend setting” and different. Kerry’s plans went on hold and she started a family, Anna continued and created Glitter Cosmetics. Anna now creates a large range of private label cosmetics and accessories for some of Australian largest fashion retail chains. Over these years, Anna was overwhelmed with requests for a high quality and safe makeup brand that children/teens, mums and makeup artists could use at affordable/pocket money prices. With Kerry’s background as a makeup artist, model and mum and with Anna’s many years of experience in the private label cosmetic industry, the timing was perfect and after all these years they partnered together which has now led to the creation of Glitter Gal Cosmetics which they love with great passion.

Onto the color! This is Fuchsia holo.  It's a stunning color that I could look at all day long.  

It's a soft pink that is a marvelous background for the holographic effect.  I did not top coat this polish, I wanted to show how shiny it is even without a top coat. It's nice and glossy.
This polish is incredibly reflective, you do not have to look for the holo because it's all over this polish.  The linear holo is amazing.

I included a close up so you could see the rainbow of colors it flashes.
I took these pictures in my light box and to be honest, even faint light will show the holo; yes, there's that much in this little bottle. Glitter Gals use small holo particles in the holo range and large holo particles in the sparkle range and the materials are true holo, so that is why the bottle is smaller (it's much more expensive and you get true holo). I did 2 coats to get it fully opaque but I bet the darker colors could easily be one coat polishes.

When I opened the box and saw this color, I was absolutely shocked. I think this is the most holographic polish I have ever used.  The brush and handle are easy to use as well which is a plus so you can polish within the lines and not waste any magic.

They have 16 different shades and more coming out soon. They are available for pre-order via email to Kerry... and you can hear about their new colors on their Facebook page and their Twitter account.  They are worldwide and have stockists all over, including one on ebay. The bottles may be small (9ml) but because you don't need much and since it is so amazing... it's well worth it! They retail for $14.99 USD.  You can browse all their great polishes on their website and find the stockist near you.

*product sent by company*


  1. I have cooper! I love holografics polishes,and I dream with the silver color (can be a holografic top coat).

  2. This brand looks amazing!!
    I love the color!!

  3. I will definitely be ordering some when I go back to Australia!

  4. This is amazing looking! I want, I want - but how to find for a decent price in the US? Your photos really show off the holo on this one well.

  5. The glitter gal holo's look amazing.... :)


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