Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI: It's My Year

 It's My Year is the only polish I picked up from the OPI Miss Universe 2011 collection.  It's a stunner in the bottle and it doesn't disappoint on the nail either! It's a micro glitter but looks like a foil.. does that make sense? First off, the base is a plum/rose purple which is stunning.  The fun part of this polish is the sparkle factor... it has gold glitter/flecks/foil in it.  It applies like a creme polish would, these pictures are with 2 coats.  The gold doesn't make the polish gritty but it doesn't have the glassy smoothness of of a creme. I used SV as a top coat and you can still feel a little texture but it's very fine texture.

 I had this mani on for 3 days (long time for me) and I have minimal tip wear and no chips.  I love that OPI did something other than a creme, glitter bomb or duo-chrome because I don't have something like this color/effect in my collection :-)

I tried to show the foil shimmer in the second picture so you could see how pretty it really is, check out the bottle reflecting the light! In the sun this polish is beautiful as well and because it's not a bright base color, the gold doesn't make it obnoxious, it's quite elegant and under stated.  Total winner for me!

And a big thank you to Marijana from Nails From Fairy Tale for my recent awards, you can see them on my awards page.

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  1. I'm for sure ordering this soon. I love it!

  2. glad to hear it doesn't have a gritty texture
    will put this on my wishlist :)
    nice mani!

  3. I think I may need this, it looks like a purple version of rally pretty pink :)

  4. looks real pretty Kristin! and if you like this kind of finish, you should try Zoya foils, they are awesome too! :)

  5. It is indeed quite elegant :)..very nice color!

  6. i've wanted this one ever since it came out :)


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