Monday, July 4, 2011

Violent Lips: Temporary Lip Tattoos and Streekers

 I have 2 cool products for you guys for the 4th of July! I thought I'd take a break from 4th of July nails and shake things up a bit. I was lucky enough to get these sent to me for review. You know how nail tattoos are a popular thing now? Well check this out, temporary lip tattoos! (think temporary tattoo like you use for kids, but fashioned for your lips!) Let me introduce you to Violent Lips...

From their PR:
American Flag Violent Lips ($14.95 for a set of three)
 These FDA approved, vegan temporary lip tattoos offer the ultimate form of self-expression. Because let’s face it, nothing says “I’m here and I’m proud” better than American Flag – patterned lips!

To Use: Shape It, Peel It, Set It, Wet It

 So to take these off, you use baby oil or mineral oil on a cotton ball and just rub them off, easy enough!

My cousins went to a soccer game with us and our favorite teams' colors are blue.  Since it was over 4th of July weekend, I thought she'd be perfect to model the lip tattoos! They were relatively easy to apply but if you don't have your mouth in the "ah" position when applying, they will end up cracking from stretching, so be careful! For a great tutorial on how to apply these, check out Violent Lips' YouTube (link above)

The second product I got sent for a patriotic review was hair Streekers!

Streekers in Blue and Red ($10.95); Select salons and cosmetic specialty stores, ULTA and
True temporary hair color allows you to streak your strands in any pattern you choose without the commitment of permanent color. Unlike other temporary hair colors like gels and sprays, Streekers hair color bonds to the hair, so you can brush your hair without dulling the color or flaking it off.  Use it like cosmetics for instant impact.

To Use:  Apply Streekers on small sections of dry hair, from root to tip.  Allow to dry.  For 2-3 color effects, wait a minute between colors. To remove color, simply shampoo as usual. 
To carry on with the 4th of July spirit, I applied blue streaks to my cousin's hair (after mohawking it of course!). 

 He has a light/dirty blonde color and the blue came out well.  In the picture I actually have silver spray over it so it looks shimmery.  I also colored my husband's goatee blue for the soccer game.  He has light brown hair and it looked awesome! There were no problems washing the coloring out.  Just make sure you wait for it to dry or take a blow dryer to it. If you get some on your hands, I found that soap doesn't work to get it off, grab some shampoo and it will come right off! The tip is like a sponge and reminds me of lip gloss.  It soaks the coloring up well and has no problem transferring to the hair. Next time though, I'm using gloves because I didn't discover the shampoo method until about 6 hours later.  These are pretty awesome and I'm sure will be used again for fun events or just to add a streak of color to our hair!

*products in this post sent for review by PR company*


  1. I would probably never use lip tattoos, but I like the idea. I'm thinking they would be awesome for concerts and such :)

  2. This looks so cool! Happy 4th!


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