Saturday, July 9, 2011

Skin Food: Nude Shimmer

Skin Food is a new brand to me. I got a ton of amazing polishes in a swap I did with Charlene  who lives in Hong Kong.  These bottles are perfect to hold for pictures (bonus)!

I have no idea what the name is on this because the back is not printed in English so we'll call it the Skin Food Nude Shimmer.

I used two coats and a top coat of SV for this mani.  The formula was great and as you can tell, it's not fully opaque, which I don't mind because it looks like a french mani without the work :)

Obviously this color is a tan/nude that leans towards peach. What I couldn't seem to capture was the amazing shimmer that's in it.  There's tiny tiny glitter/shimmer of pink, gold, silver.  It shines in the light and is super pretty. I don't own any polish that is like this so I'm really excited to welcome it to my stash.  Thanks again Charlene!

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  1. beautiful color! i'd love to get my hands on that one :)

  2. great color :) love skinfood colors and formula!

  3. So glad you like the polish Kristin! I guess you could apply a nude creme base first if you don't want the VNL. Can't wait to see your other swatches! :D

  4. great nude shimmer :D
    i also tagged you for he stylish blog award!


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