Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cult Nails: Hypnotic Collection

I have a new brand for my blog to show you today, Cult Nails. My friend was nice enough to bring over her new Hypnotic Collection and let me take Cult Nails for a run. Let's get to it, they are having a pretty good sale this weekend only so I thought this was a good time to post the collection in case you are thinking of shopping.

First up of the four is Awakening, a dusty teal creme. This was two coats and no top coat. You can tell it's shiny and opaque, no problems with the application. Not a terribly unique color but it is pretty, especially for fall.

Next is a top coat called Hypnotize Me. It's a sheer green jelly base with super blue and green glitter in it that shines and sparkles til your eyes hurt!

I love this polish so much!
Here's a close up of the sparkle.  I kind of wish I took video of this shining because it literally sparkles and is really light reflective, a stunning polish.

The third in the collection is In A Trance.  It's a shimmer that is olive green and shifts to gold. Check out the gold flecky shimmer! It's right on par for the fall trends. This was 2 coats and no top coat; again no application problems.

Last up is the beautiful purple of the collection - Enigmatic.  It's described on Cult Nails as:  a purple base with silver shimmer that draws flashes of red, blue, purple, and pink sparkle in the sunlight.

Totally accurate. I didn't wrap my tips so you can see it pulled away a little. This polish is such a pretty purple and again on par for fall and no application problems.

Check out their sale HERE, it ends today.



  1. Thanks for sharing these swatches! I'm not as in love with this collection as I was with her previous colors. :( That purple IS lovely though.

  2. Those are all super incredible. I really need some Cult Nails polish so bad!! I wonder how close Awakening is to Zoya Cynthia...however Hypnotize Me=srs wow factor! Love it and, as always, gorgeous swatches

  3. I am loving In a Trance. I need to get my hands on it *swoon*

  4. Love the swatches! Especially the top coat called Hypnotize Me!

  5. Loooooove that Hypnotize Me, but these all look fantastic!


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