Saturday, September 24, 2011

Franken: Purple Chunk

Purples, purples and purples! With a dash of black diamond glitter you get a purple chunky glitter franken that Katie from The Nailaholic who frankens some awesome polishes! So this one is a deep purple (almost blackish) base with gold, pink, blue small glitter and large black diamond iridescent glitters.  It is alot more sparkly than it photographs. It took a thick top coat to smooth it out but that's expected with chunkier glitter. It also applied great, opaque in two coats, no problem.  When I took it off it was like a glitter that threw up all over me... I was shiny! It's a totally unique polish and color, something I don't have in my collection.. or even close to it! Thanks again to Katie for being awesome at frankening, and awesome in general :) Check out her blog and show some love!

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