Thursday, September 15, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics Eye Piggies

Recently I came across an awesome cosmetic company called Madd Style Cosmetics. It was started by a very cool chick named Mo.  Check out their Facebook page for more info. One of my favorite beauty vloggers Sarah, is a model for them. She has a great You Tube channel with gorgeous tutorials using Madd Style.
I put down liquid foundation from Mac (studio fix) first as a base. A little random but sometimes my eyes get super irritated with primers and the foundation seems to work fine for me.  For my base color, I used NYX jumbo pencil in milk on the first half of my eyelid from the inside to the middle, then used Pacific for the middle to outer edge. The inside of my eye was Star Gazer, middle was Bi-winning blended with Time Warp to the outside. I didn't do liner on the top, just a little on the bottom and then carried the same colors on my bottom lash line.
This photo was taken on my way out the door to a soccer game so it's in natural light and not very focused, but you get it.
This one above was using Madd Style again Bi-Winning, and Silver Haze. I just blended it out using two colors. Again, was on the way out the door to soccer so this lovely photo was taken in the car with my camera LOL I should really allow more time to take photos before games!


  1. Really great!!
    I love both!!
    But my favorite is the purple one ^^

  2. My heart smiled :) Thank you so much! I sent your goodies in the post office on tuesday or wednesday, should hopefully be there by tommrrow :)


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