Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nfu Oh #61

Nfu Oh 61 is the most sought after Nfu Oh. It's in and out of stock at fabulous street and there seems to be a frenzy every time it's back in stock.

I finally decided to order one last time they were in stock. I've had this post drafted for a few weeks now because I wasn't sure how I liked the pictures.  It is MUCH MUCH more holo than my pictures show.
I was experimenting with base coats, OPI natural, Nail Envy and CND Sticky, all which did not help. I ended up using no base to swatch this and here's why...

(Before I forget to share, I made this into some round earring studs for my etsy shop)

K, back to the nails...
I was getting major bald spots when I would apply the polish. Through talking to other people and doing some research, apparently my bottle may not be the best batch.  I have to shake it a whole lot before I use it or else it gets gloopy.  If you do multiple layers (which you will need more than one coat for opacity) make sure it is 100% dry. This could have been the reasons for my bald spots over the base coats... not sure. I finally got it to work with 3 thin coats and no base and topped it off w a quick dry top coat.
Once on the nail though, it is a beautiful holographic silver polish that looks like foil on your nails and in direct light it's BAM! I played around with the lighting in my light box so you could get some different rainbows.

Question for you: I need feedback on my Apothica giveaway... stuff like have you entered? what's your thoughts on the form and the process for entering? what would you change? and any other thoughts you may have are greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!!


  1. This polish is awesome!!
    For the Ga, I'd say it's too bad I can't enter, the only accounts I have are GFC and blog lovin, I don't have twitter, a blog or Facebook.

  2. That is awesome. Everything should be made of holographic glitter; imagine how much happier the world would be?!

  3. After using the Nfu Oh it's crazy to me that people love it so much because there are much better, easier to apply holographics out there that are in the same price range.

    As for your giveaway -- I think all Apothica giveaways require too much work, but I understand why they do it the way they do. In my mind, the idea giveaway is "leave a comment" -- that's it.

  4. I agree Apothica giveaways are so much effort lol

    Love you post! Holo is the way for my heart haha

  5. Gotta love Holo! One day I hope to own a Nfu Oh!

    My thoughts on the Apothica Giveaway: There were way too many things to do in order to enter. I had to keep up with where my post was on their wall. I had to figure out which tweet on their Twitter page referred to your blog contest. And I couldn't keep up with what I had done and when and if I had even completed the entry process. I don't think it was something that I could easily do in one short sitting. I had to be prepared to give it at least 15 or so minutes to complete and sometimes my attention span isn't that long. Maybe that was the problem. I think it's great that they are sponsoring a giveaway for bloggers/readers but how many hoops do we have to go through to enter and possibly win it?

  6. Gaga over this shade as always. My thoughts on the Apothica Giveaway is remember many, many folks don't have or have left facebook and twitter due to privacy issues. Also in my case it's a contingency of employment that no employee is allowed to even have a social media site due to company leaks and too much employee bullying going on via those sites.Directions beyond that, were way too complicated for most who are not tech savvy. You need to remember that many, many folks don't want any commercialism on their FB pages. it's hard enough to keep up with say 500 friends and what they have. Most don't have time. The overload of FB now and Twitter with every commercial business, movie you name it has really wrecked it for those who even have those social media accounts. Making any contest contingent on 'feeds' via social media is going to be a biggie no way for many to even want to try to join in. You also need to realize that folks join and follow your site via email and things like bloglovin and are not only dashboard driven members. I never look at my dashboard but to thin it down. I don't have time to keep up with all that is on it. So IMHO, contests that have all these social media 'rules' just are a no go for me. I need my job and cannot risk loosing it for a contest that otherwise I really would like to enter. This IS getting to be a HUGE requirement in companies to disallow social media membership and grounds for firing. We see so many hrs of employee productivity lost to SM during work - it just has to have rules as with smart phones, the old computer boss spy ware no longer reaches where employees are going during work hours on their phones/vs computers. No boss can follow the use of smart phones & they sit on everyone's desk.

  7. Every swatch I've seen of this color is awesome !

  8. Very pretty earrings!

    ... My thoughts of the giveaway- no, I've not entered and I don't plan to. I really like free things, but it kind of rubs me the wrong way when the terms are like that... like they're using you and your readers to boost their #s. I do understand the behind-the-scene stuff, and I know they need to benefit from it in someway... but it just kind of seems fishy- especially since so many bloggers were contacted. It isn't unique :-/


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