Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest post from the awesome Mandy today! Check out her great Halloween nail art, you rock girl!!! 

Hey Everyone, this is Mandy from www.muddinmakeupmayhem.com where I test out lots of cool stuff, looks and nails so gals can be cute when they play in the mud!
I "borrowed" lots of ideas from many of the mani's I have seen out there. So if this looks like yours, consider this the most sincere form of flattery!
My pinky is the orange from the OPI Tattoo Ta-Boo pack- Tattoo You Want Candy topped with a glow in the dark orange franken that I made. The face is made with my Art Club black detail pen.
The ring finger is OPI Skull and Glossbones topped with China Glaze Ghoulish Glow and the mummy is drawn with my white and black Art Club detail pens.
The cute Frankie on my middle finger is OPI Stranger Tides topped with OPI Zom-body to love, and drawn with  my black and white Art Club pens.
The Vampire on my pointer is made with Art Club Periwinkle topped with OPI Glow Ink The Dark from Tattoo Ta-Boo. His face is drawn with black, white and red Art Club detail pens.
Finally my thumb is Neon Green from Art club, made into a Glitter Sammi with OPI Crown Me Already and Wet and Wild Tangled in My Web, topped with 2 coats of OPI Zombody to Love. The awkward lil ghostie is made with my Art Club detail pens.
Everything is topped with Seche Vite!
These guys glow like crazy, they are driving my poor kitty, Sixx insane. :) Of course I have yet to capture them on film correctly. So if anyone has any advice for taking pictures of glow junk- head on over to my blog and give me some tips!! (I have a Sony DSLR to take pics with)
I hope you like my mani, I think its cartoony and cute, and it glowed like crazy for the Light Up the Night walk in The Woodlands yesterday.


  1. this is some really cute nail art! I likes

  2. So great!!
    And it glows on the dark!

  3. cool :-D
    and the glow in the dark part... love it :-D


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