Friday, November 25, 2011

Layla: Magnetic Polish- Purple

I have another new polish to the blog for you today: Layla Magnetic. This one is #5 and it is a deep vampy purple. The Layla bottles have the magnet on top and design in line shape, so you have to be creative in order to get a few stripes across your nails. You can see on my index finger there is only one line because I turned he magnet to a 12 to 6 position rather than a 10 to 4 (think a clock). This was my first real attempt with it and it's a little tricky to do but I think with some practice it will be worth it. I picked this up at a beauty supply store and the bottles are small so to make it last, I put Essie Sexy Divide under it and then just did one coat of the Layla.  It's quite cool in person because the lines look 3D.  I have another one to try out and with a magnet that creates a different design so that will be posted soon :)


  1. i wanted to try this Layla magnetic nail polish but i dont know where to buy. so today i purchased the nail inc from sephora.
    i love you nail shape and this color loos very good on yoou

  2. I have to get a magnetic polish to try. It looks like it would be fun. Your nails came out really pretty.


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