Saturday, November 19, 2011

OPI: Gone Gonzo and Divine Swine

I'm sure you have seen these by now... OPI Gone Gonzo (blue) and Devine Swine (pink) from the Muppets collection. I combined them both to one post so you don't have to sit through another glitter swatch :) You're welcome ;-)
Gone Gonzo is a steel blue small round glitters in a clear base with larger silver hexagon glitter. I swatched using two coats. Devine Swine is the same principle but with a pink rosey small round glitter with large hexagonal silver glitter. This was also two coats. One thing I did not like about these was the fact that they gooped up on the edge of my nail (see middle finger gone gonzo). They also don't apply very easily and are super sparse. I would definitely use these as a top coat effect rather then trying to do a full mani with layers and layers of goop. The colors are really pretty however and layered over a similar color would make them just as sparkly without the build up. I'll try layering them with something and see if my theory proves correct.  So, is it just me or are you not that impressed with these two either? 

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